The Coming “Seismic Shift” in Financial Planning & a Flexible Mindset Advantage with Coach Joe Lukacs

Episode: 029

In this week’s episode of Maximum Advisor Podcast, Chip Munn sits down with Joe Lukacs, coach to many successful financial advisors through his Magellan Network.

Joe Lukacs, or Coach Joe, starts by discussing his background working as a coach to financial advisors. It began while he was working in corporate sales and training for Wall Street brokerages. He performed so well in that role that he was asked for one-on-one career advice by financial advisors. That started his financial advisor coaching business over 25 years ago.

Chip and Joe discuss how financial advisors can meet their goals with a flexible mindset in this environment, which is very different from how financial advisors are accustomed to working.

Joe suggests ways to keep and develop relationships in light of the new way of doing business, the virtual meeting. Chip and Joe agreed that advisors should not only accept this new standard way to do business but embrace it by investing in their workspace technology. Chip adds insight by discussing the effective work-from-home office he built.

Joe delivers tips to keep goals on target for the rest of this year and to prepare to succeed in 2021, all of which stem from his two-decades plus coaching financial advisors. Among the ideas he provides are a routine that focuses on self-development, monitoring information flow and sticking with goals.

The future of the financial planning industry is poised for a “seismic shift,” one in which new and upcoming advisors have a unique opportunity to build their business. Both Chip and Joe discuss this opportunity and the expected impact it will have on the industry.

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Practice Power: 12 Steps To Take Your Business to the Next Level

In Practice Power, Coach Joe Lukacs shares with financial advisors a proven 12-step program for building a successful financial advisory practice. Whether you are just entering the business, or are a seasoned professional, this book will help you move your practice to the next level. In it you'll explore vital business-building tactics such as: the importance of having a business plan, developing a daily game plan, networking, personal improvement, marketing, legendary client care, and much more. This information-packed book, broken into bite-size pieces of wisdom and accented with "Action Steps," can easily be implemented into any professional's business development plan. Let Coach Joe show you how it's done!

Joe Lukacs

Coach Joe Lukacs

Founder of Mageallan Mastermind & Network

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Joe Lukacs has specialized in coaching and consulting financial advisors for nearly 25 years. In that time he has personally spent over 50,000 hours coaching advisors to achieve their goals, break through the barriers that hold them back from greatness, and create their ideal life and business.

He is the author of “Practice Power, 12 steps to Take Your Business to the Next Level.” He frequently contributes to industry websites such as Horsesmouth, Producers Web, and many more.

He has delivered both keynote addresses and multi-day training to thousands of financial advisors worldwide. His direct and no-nonsense approach has won him high marks.

In 2016, Joe Lukacs founded Magellan. a study group/mastermind that explores current and future best practices, optimal business models, and ideal life and lifestyle creation in the financial advisor space.