Maximum Advisor - Best of Season 4

How You Can Build Your Financial Practice and Make An Impact: Season 4 Recap

Episode: 042

This is the best of the Maximum Advisor Podcast for Season 4. We heard more real advisors' stories about going solo and succession planning. We also heard insider tips for writing stellar content, starting a podcast the easy way. Plus, Hot Seats was introduced to live workshop real questions from advisors looking to grow their practice and make an impact.

We're featuring clips from some of the most listened to episodes this year from:

  • Matt Thiel, How One Financial Advisor Transitioned to His Independent Dream Practice, Bringing 96 Percent of His Clients With Him
  • Josh Ackermann, HOT SEAT ASK: How can I reposition my practice from insurance to financial planning?
  • Ashley Barnett, Attract Your Ideal Client Through Compelling Web Content Creation and More Financial Advising Blog Tips
  • Benjamin Brandt, How Hosting a Financial Advisor Podcast Sustains Growing Client Base
  • Adam Goetz, A Succession Plan Delivers: The Inorganic Growth Story of Building a Thriving Practice
Matt Thiel, President and Senior Wealth Advisor SWS High Point

Matt Thiel

President and Senior Wealth Advisor, SWS High Point

"I joined High Point, North Carolina, over 18 years ago as a junior advisor to a senior advisory and a legacy position and was groomed and brought along to be his successor. And then when he chose to retire a little over a year ago, he chose to pass his business to someone else. So that was a wake-up call for me that the plan that I had in place wasn't going to happen. And yet just like you said, Chip, the initial reaction was leaving the next day.

But I didn't have a plan B I hadn't been out there looking, I wasn't concerning change and to just leave, just cause that was mad or upset, that just didn't make sense to me. I had way too many clients, too many relationships, and too much invested in who I was and how I did things. And so really that was the first catalyst that said it was time to go. But then I spent a significant amount of time and I'm so glad I did probably the better part of 10 months evaluating and looking at the choice..."

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In this new segment called Hot Seats, Chip sits down with an advisor to troubleshoot or brainstorm a unique solution for their practice.

In our first Hot Seat, Josh Ackermann wanted to reposition his practice from insurance to financial planning and Chip walks him through what he needs to do to get his financial advisor business moving in the direction he imagined.

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We are scheduling interviews with Advisors who want to troubleshoot a problem in their practice for Season 5. Let's talk it out!

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Hot Seat

Hot Seat with Chip Munn

Ashley Barnett,, Content and Blogging Coach, Money Under 30 PT Money, and Choose FI

Ashley Barnett
Content and Blogging Coach at Hit Publish 

"Yeah, the average blog post is 1200 words. I usually go 1500 words is what I'm aiming for, but it also depends on the topic too. If it's a very pinpoint topic, like I'm not going to be able to write 1500 words on how to tie your shoes. But on the other hand, I'm going to write way more than 1500 words on what's a mutual fund, right? So it goes with the topic, but 1500 words is a nice length of an article. I also look at the articles that are already ranking on Google for whatever topic is that I'm going to write for. No, I Google that. I pull up those articles and I see how long they are, because right there, Google is telling us, this is the best on the internet for this keyword. So use Google's guidance to help you decide what to do."

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"So when I first started my firm, I did not have a surplus of money, but I had a surplus of time because they only had a few clients, started the firm from not quite scratch. I think we started with about 10 ish, 20 ish, million dollars, but almost scratch. So I think advisors either have a surplus of money or time. I didn't have any money, but I did have time. So I went on YouTube. I downloaded every Pat Flynn episode from smart, passive income that mentioned WordPress, or then after the fact podcasts, things like that, I just learned. So I learned how to edit Audacity, Pat Flynn and also the podcast answer man, Cliff Ravenscraft both had a step-by-step click-by-click how to start doing a podcast. So I did it all at no fee at all. It didn't cost me any money, which is good, cause they didn't have any, but fast forward five years later now, all I do is press record because sitting in Audacity and clicking through is not the highest and best use of my time. I pay somebody a few hundred dollars a month to edit that and I press record. I put it in my Google drive and I do nothing else."

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Benjamin Brandt, President and Founder of Captial City Wealth Mangement, Host of Retirement Starts Today Podcast

Benjamin Brandt
CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Founder/President of Capital City Wealth Management

Adam Goetz, CLU, RICP, Managing Partner, Burstin & Goetz

Adam D. Goetz, CLU, RICP
Managing Partner at Burstin & Goetz


"Jay was a 20 plus year rep with best mutual, very old school limited his investment work consists of American funds, eight shares, and you know, doing term in small whole life policies, but a lot of them, and he had the most grabbed following by his clients and they loved him, and he was such a unique force of nature for very early on stage... In hindsight, I realized, I learnt so much more by learning kind of his mental side of the game, understanding how he treated clients and just how we were brought to the table.

Jay unfortunately got fairly sick and passed away suddenly, but seven years ago now. Thankfully we had a succession agreement in place and that helped in many different angles. His family was taken care of to monetize the asset that he had built this 30 plus year career. At that point in time, I was able to walk into a lot of new relationships, pick up a lot of new expenses too, by taking on his staffing and lease obligations, everything else. But the biggest thing was for his clients and just getting continuity. "

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