How You Can Build Your Financial Practice and Make An Impact: Season 3 Recap

Episode: 031

This is the best of the Maximum Advisor Podcast for 2020, which has the key takeaways from Season 3. Our theme for the season was knowing who you are as an advisor and how you can build a business and make an impact.

We're featuring clips from some of the most listened to episodes this year from:

  • Dr. Benjamin Hardy, Personality Isn’t Permanent, Breaking Free From Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Duncan Mac Pherson, The Advisor Playbook – Generating Sustainable Growth and Efficiency
  • Dave Grant, Building a Practice vs Building Yourself a Job
  • Dennis Moseley Williams, How To Be A Winner In The Experience Economy
  • Matt Halloran, Building a Brand & Reaching your Niche Audience
  • Meg Bartelt, How Target Market Focus Built this Advisor a Client Waiting List
Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Benjamin Hardy, PhD
Organizational Psychologist
Bestselling Author

"And actually in the past, you had former preferences, your preferences right now, your priorities, your goals are probably different from what they used to be, and your future self is the same way... If you don't know who you want to be in the future, then it really doesn't matter what you do today. And I think this is why financial planning, honestly, and, you know, just as a plug is really key is cause you're literally shaping a future situation in a future self. And you can use that as the benchmark for what you do today. And so rather than overly owning your current identity, it's actually a lot more powerful to frame out who you want to be and using that as the benchmark for who you are today."

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"As far as the Pareto principle, the 80/20 rule, it's got so many layers. One of them, it's probably my favorite, Jim Rohn, one of the most timeless personal and professional development philosophers ever. He said time is more valuable than money. And as I apply that to 80/20, I remind our clients that 80% of their productivity stems from about 20% of their activity. They have most of their impact in about an hour a day. And I want them to have mastery for what goes into that hour. And that means two things, how they are expending their time and staying in that lane and letting that compound and then to whom they are allocating their time. So if you think of 80/20 on the client-side, if 80% of the business, comes from 20% of the clients, that's an addressable audience. And I would call that client, someone who deserves you, the 80% who generate 20% of the business need you."

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Duncan MacPherson

Duncan MacPherson
CEO, Pareto Systems

dave grant

Dave Grant, CFP®
Retirement Matters, Inc

"It was something I had not really thought about myself, but it's interesting to see how you're trying to do it. Some people have said, well, how do you do it? Like, how are you prospecting for new clients? And I then take them back to say, well, I didn't just do this overnight. Like I've been working on this for the last probably seven years. And it's just now become a reality because what I've been doing is generating a lot of content that is all on my website. It's on YouTube, it's everywhere else. So I have a big web out there that is pulling people into my website and I still get leads from content that's a couple of years old and I'm still able to bring in new clients without actively going to search for it. So that's how I'm still able to grow and get a lot of time into my own hands."

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"This idea. And the idea is that experience is time well-designed okay. Experience is time well designed. The hallmark of an experience is a memory. What you look back on and reflect on. And I said something else a couple of minutes ago where I said, my three questions are, what do you do? For whom? And the third question is, what change do you help create? So if we look at this idea, that experience is time well designed. And how do you turn something as mandatory and required and seemingly ordinary through a word I don't like to use as a review meeting, I'd say, okay, well, let's start at the very beginning. The question becomes, if you want to turn this thing into an event, what is it that you're thinking about versus worrying about before the meeting even starts? In other words, on the enticing stage weeks before this meeting, when you say, Hey, this meeting is coming up and we're going to see each other, well, what do you put in the hands of your clients to get them thinking? You are what you charge for."

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dennis moseley williams

Dennis Moseley-Williams
Founder of DMW Strategic Consulting

Matt Halloran
Partner and Podcasting Expert of Top Advisor Marketing

"And when it comes to becoming a micro influencer, what in your kind of mind is required to become that, to develop that niche. I believe it's a passion. You have to have a very strong passion to help a very specific group of people. And it's easy to uncover it. I believe that going through our discovery process, you will find out what your niche already is, because the question is for all of your listeners, who are your favorite people to work with and whether it could be quantifiable or qualifiable, it doesn't matter. Quantifiable is easier from a marketing perspective, but qualifiable, if your favorite people are spiritual family based, people who live in Southern South Carolina, who loved to boat and who generally are small business people. Man, that's a hell of a podcast, right? Because you know, all of the hot points of these people, when you look at your top 50 clients and you tease out what makes them your top 50 clients, it can't just be assets under management. If it is then you're missing the whole point of what you do for a living, my opinion, it's about what you do to help those people."

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"I didn't have any reassurance that what I was doing was actually worthwhile. And it wasn't until probably month 10 that I got my first prospect call request from someone that I didn't have some sort of social connection to. That person had found a blog post I had written. And that just changed my mindset. I was like, Oh, this works. And it wasn't that it took off from there. It was just, that was when the fly wheels started to turn and it just sort of gradually spun faster and faster until now. It's actually quite easy to do the marketing, the prospecting because I have this sort of existing wealth of information spread across the internet that has my name smeared across it."

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Meg Bartelt
Founder and Lead Planner of Flow Financial Planning

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