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Roundtable: How to Pivot Your Marketing and Show Up For Your Clients and Community

Episode: 020

On a special bonus episode of the Maximum Advisor Podcast, Chip Munn sits down with three experts to discuss marketing, messaging, and aligned outreach during these times of high volatility. Listen in now to a vibrant discussion with Mike Onorato, Vice President, Publicity Services, Smith Publicity, Wes Gay, CEO and Chief Guide of Wayfinder, a StoryBrand Certified Agency, and Bobbie Adkins, Director of Marketing for Signature Wealth Group. 

Bobbie kicks off the discussion by breaking down the ways that Signature is stepping up, rather than taking a reactive, 'don't-rock-the-boat' stance. Signature has focused it's brand on communication, transparency, teaching, and comprehensive support for their clients, communities, and advisors during this unprecedented time. 

During times like these, advisors "need to step into this role of teacher," adds Wes. Service providers and companies should step into leading those who look to them for expertise instead of staying quiet and keeping your clients guessing. When those who seek your guidance feel that the support or information they need isn't available, it leads to anxiety, confusion, and frustration. They are craving information, clarification, and, in some ways, reassurance. Take the time and care to connect with them as personally as you can to distill important news, concepts, and changes in real-time. Give the people what they want and need - leadership and clarity.

Communicating with genuine empathy and giving acknowledgment to our current environment should be done from a position of leadership. Consumers understand this is a time of uncertainty, and their expectations of organizations have certainly shifted to accommodate that. They aren't expecting organizations to be giving plans for the next 2-3 years; they are merely seeking a clear path forward right now. They are looking for information by the hour, by the day or by the week. Check out the Bain & Company Elements of Value that Wes discusses in this episode in the resources section below.

Performing a simple audit of the content of your website is a simple way to identify and make small pivots to align your message with the problems that your product or service solves - right now. 

Having more time than ever to feel that you're always 'at work' while adjusting to working from home can be a challenge all it's own. If you are feeling a little isolated during a time when you want to create more content to inform and connect with clients and prospects, it can feel difficult to know how to pitch things in this climate properly. 

Mike recommends beginning a pitch by acknowledging the humanity and inherent connection that we all have right now, collectively experiencing an entirely new environment. By making these acknowledgments briefly, yet genuinely upfront, you can then succinctly lead into your pitch and connect about how and why your offer has value now more than ever.

Listen now to the valuable insights of our experts, Mike, Wes, and Bobbie, facilitated by Chip, discuss critical points on marketing, messaging, and outreach. This special bonus episode includes insights about topics like: 

  • What some of the challenges and opportunities that have presented themselves in media during this unique time. 
  • The strategies needed to take your new, refreshed point of view to the marketplace and integrate it into your ongoing marketing strategy.
  • How to leverage the questions that your clients and audience are asking openly to ensure your message is proactive and informative, rather than reactive. 
  • How your team, your agency, or you may be letting your business down if you aren't inviting the proper time and energy into your website and ensuring it is attuned to the current climate.  


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MIke Onorato

Mike Onorato

Vice President, Publicity Services, Smith Publicity

Connect with Mike:



Mike, a publicity and PR veteran with a long list of impressive credentials, serves Smith Publicity as Vice President of Publicity Services. In this role, Mike manages and leads their publicity service program, as well as supervises a team of 15 publicists. Additionally, as a member of the executive team, Mike helps his organization to continually improve its author experience. Mike's leadership and insight are leveraged to assist in exploring new service options and make working with Smith Publicity an even better experience for their clients.

Before joining Smith Publicity, Mike Onorato began his career at CBS News, then moved on to account management at a major public relations firm. The bulk of his book promotion experience comes from 14 years spent at Wiley, one of the oldest publishing companies in the world. Beginning as a book publicist, he worked his way up to Associate Director of Publicity. The rest is history, and we’re lucky to have this seasoned publicity veteran on our side.

In Mike’s own words: “To join such a well-known, respected and innovative company is a wonderful opportunity for me.” It is for us, too, and we can’t wait to see where the future takes us.

Wes believes clarity is king. With it, organizations reach more customers, grow their sales, and align teams around the mission. He’s a writer, business owner, TEDx speaker, and former pastor. Wes and his StoryBrand Certified Agency, Wayfinder, has helped dozens of businesses, churches, and non-profits understand and implement the StoryBrand Framework. As a result, they get the clarity they need to grow. He lives with his wife, two young sons, and their overprotective dog in Suwanee, GA.

Wes Gay

Wes Gay

CEO and Chief Guide, Wayfinder

Connect with Wes:




Bobbie Adkins, 

Director of Marketing, Signature Wealth Group

Connect with Bobbie:



At Signature Wealth, Bobbie has worked to build a marketing department that supports wealth management teams in local branches across the region, as well as leading the company's creative direction and digital platforms growth.

Bobbie, a self-proclaimed industry outsider, started her entrepreneurial career as a real estate agent in Tennessee (where her husband served the Army's 101st Airborne Division) in her early twenties. Within her first year, she became a top producer and thrived in the fast-paced sales environment. After a few military moves and career resets, she realized that her success in real estate was due to her natural ability to brand and market herself, she then quickly leveraged her creative skills and 'quick-start' personality into the start of a marketing career. After being recruited into an international digital marketing company where she worked behind the scenes building digital platforms for large corporations, she ventured back out on her own and launched a private marketing agency. Almost a decade into agency life, where she built and launched platforms for entrepreneurs and thought leaders - who worked under powerhouses like Oprah and Deepak Chopra - she met with the founders and was introduced to Signature Wealth. After a year with Signature as an agency client, Bobbie transitioned in-house to take up the task of building and managing the marketing department of this rapidly growing company.

Bobbie lives in the Savannah suburbs with her husband and 3 children where they spend their time exploring the coast, dolphin watching, and relaxing in nature under their mossy oak trees.