Sabina Hitchen,

How to Get Featured in the Press and Grow Your Credibility with Sabina Hitchen

Episode: 011

Sabina Hitchen, media expert, entrepreneur, and speaker joins Chip to talk about all things public relations and media.

Sabina's journey into public relations success was unconventional and as such, she understands the importance of learning how to position and differentiate yourself from other service providers, even in the most crowded of industries. You don't get 'lost in the shuffle' of everyone else, and the first step toward standing out is truly identifying your strengths and individuality. Don't miss this episode if you're ready to start getting noticed by the press.

In addition to this important conversation, Sabina and Chip also dive deep into critical topics such as:

  • How to share your authentic story while still showcasing your authority and expertise in the market.
  • What 'Imposter Syndrome' is and how to handle it.
  • How the development of an 'alter ego' can help you with handling the anxious feelings that come from putting yourself out there and the occasional rejection you may experience.
  • Why getting press and PR is important for financial advisors, specifically.

Sabina is the founder of the wildly successful online learning platform Press For Success PR Prep School™ - The Entrepreneur's Platform for Ongoing PR Training, Opportunities & Support. Her students are regularly featured on tv, in magazines and online in places like Oprah magazine, The TODAY show, The Washington Post, Good Morning America and many, many more. While Sabina's business is based in New York City, she specializes in teaching small business owners, entrepreneurs and service providers a practical approach to PR that works.


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sabina hitchen

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Sabina is an entrepreneur, speaker and media expert dedicated to educating and empowering people to lead lives rooted in passion and purpose both professionally and personally.

This role of teacher and leader seems pre-ordained as Sabina’s past career saw her teaching high school students first in the Chicago public school system and then while also designing educational curriculum for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation charter schools. Upon moving to New York City after deeming a “New York Chapter” a necessity, she began a career in public relations and within a year she branched out on her own and started a successful and respected PR and social media agency specializing in start-ups and small businesses.

In 2012 she co-founded Tin Shingle an online education platform and community that reaches business owners from New York to Los Angeles, Mexico to the United Kingdom.

Inspired by her own experiences and challenges, and after watching far too many people struggle to find professional fulfillment and personal meaning in their lives, she launched Sabina Knows to offer coaching, courses, motivation and tools to help people do what they love for a living and be happier and healthier versions of themselves while doing so. Quickly following, she launched the wildly successful online learning platform Press For Success - PR Prep School™, The Entrepreneur's Platform for Ongoing PR Training, Opportunities & Support.

The common thread throughout Sabina’s career has been her desire to make success, professional independence and authentic happiness accessible to all she teaches and reaches.

Sabina serves as a contributing writer for and is a regularly featured media expert in outlets including USA Today, The Huffington Post, Fox Business News, ABC News, NBC News, Shape Magazine, More Magazine, Better TV and Forbes.

Sabina lives with her husband in Brooklyn, New York.