The Pissed Off Junior Advisor with Sean Mullen

Episode: 006


Sean Mullen, Executive Vice President, Growth Strategies for Signature Wealth Partners, joins Chip to discuss his own journey as well as the most common complaints of junior advisors that ends up driving them into an independent practice.

On this episode, Chip and Sean discuss the pitfalls of making the jump to independence, and a newer third option that more and more advisors are finding to be that Goldilocks, “just right” fit. They dive into topics such as:

  • Why many younger advisors hit a point of feeling undervalued or lacking acknowledgment in their current firms when they are bringing in revenue and enlarging the book of business.
  • What are the benefits of joining and participating in a large group of like-minded advisors versus just ‘going it on your own’?
  • How to bring your firm to the next level when you feel that you’ve hit a wall in success and growth.
  • How to analyze the value-add of either remaining as an individual advisor that may be hitting a ceiling of success, versus considering a partnership with a more extensive professional network to provide a framework for further growth.

Following that conversation, Chip was so inspired that he dives in for some solo thoughts on the same topic. As an advisor who chafed at his firm’s differences from his own plans and ideas, and struck out on his own to form Signature Wealth, he’s the perfect voice to listen to if you find yourself in a similar situation.


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Sean Mullen

As Executive Vice President of Growth Strategies at SignatureWealth Partners, Sean is a key member of the Executive Management Team and assists in the development of strategies for business growth, including the creation of new business models and recruiting advisors to those models.

Sean is integral to the identification of growth opportunities for SignatureWealth Partners, the independent RIA, and serve as an advisor to the
 Executive Management Team concerning the overall registered investment advisor business of SWP.


Connect with Sean on LinkedIn here: