Industry Conference Tips and Highlights with Bary Dedge and Sean Mullen

Episode: 014

In a special episode of Maximum Advisor, host Chip Munn is joined by Bary Dedge, Chief Operating Officer and Sean Mullen, Executive Vice President of Growth Strategies, both of Signature Wealth Group to recap the 2019 financial industry conference season.


Conferences provide valuable opportunities for networking, learning and professional growth. Bary and Sean join Chip to discuss how to ensure you are getting the most out of your time and resource investment to attend industry conferences or events.


Listen in as Chip hears some valuable insights as well as some 2019 conference highlights directly from Bary and Sean, including:

  • How to choose which of the many industry events are the right ones for you to attend (hint: there are 3 ways to look at each conference opportunities).
  • The best way to organize yourself to ensure you get in on early registrations for your top conference picks.
  • The best ways to properly prepare in advance of any key events to ensure you are getting as much out of your attendance as possible.
  • How to make the most of (and get on the calendars of) high-demand executives in attendance at busy, crowded events.
  • The best ways to handle follow-up or event recapping to engage and nurture the valuable connections you made in person.


Check out the Master List of Financial Advisor Conferences for 2020 by Michael Kitces mentioned by Sean in this weeks episode!


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Bary Dedge, The Maximum Advisor Podcast

Bary Dedge

Chief Operating Officer, Signature Wealth Group

Connect with Bary:



From leading a transformational change in London’s Lloyd’s insurance market to evolving traditional brokerage firms into full-service wealth management firms, Bary has had a wide range of professional experiences. He has held executive leadership positions within the financial services industry (including Raymond James and Hilliard Lyons) and knows what it takes to build a sustainable, service-focused and continually evolving financial firm.

As Executive Vice President of Growth Strategies at Signature Wealth Partners, Sean is a key member of the Executive Management Team and assists in the development of strategies for business growth, including the creation of new business models and recruiting advisors to those models.

Sean is integral to the identification of growth opportunities for SignatureWealth Partners, the independent RIA, and serve as an advisor to the
 Executive Management Team concerning the overall registered investment advisor business of SWP.

Sean Mullen

Sean Mullen

EVP Growth Strategies, Signature Wealth Partners

Connect with Sean: