How Affluent Investors Select Elite Advisors – Kevin Nichols Breaks Down Social Media and Video Marketing

Episode: 017

This week on the Maximum Advisor Podcast host Chip Munn is joined by a long-time colleague, Kevin Nichols, to discuss all things marketing, content, and social media. Kevin has been with The Oeschsli Institute for twelve years and currently serves as the COO and Director of Coaching and Social Media. 

After growing up in southern California, Kevin flew all the way to the opposite coast to attend grad school in North Carolina. Out of grad school, Kevin's career didn't begin in the financial sector; he actually started by going to work for some larger corporations, such as Wrangler Jeans and an Oracle reseller. After spending some time there, he got a phone call from
Stephen Boswell, the current President of The Oechsli Institute, whom he had met in college about an opportunity that he believed would be an excellent fit for Kevin.

The Oeschli Institute serves advisors in many different ways from coaching, to website creation, social media marketing, to video production. The newest research released is 
The Affluent Digital Code, a report combined in partnership with The Hartford and The Oechsli Institute, which analyzes more in-depth the online or digital strategies for advisors to implement in order to acquire a higher net-worth clientele. Some of the research in the report includes topics such as:

  • How affluent consumers utilize social media.
  • How affluent consumers go about searching for a financial advisor online.
  • How financial advisors can build awareness and reputation online to connect with these prospects. 

Listen in now as Chip and Kevin dive into topics surrounding marketing, social media, and prospecting specifically for financial advisors.
 Some of the most valuable conversations this episode include: 

  • How the affluent, particularly under age 45, prefer to receive educational content.
  • The best ways to connect with affluent prospects in more mature brackets, such as 45-65 and 65+. 
  • The necessary materials and practices to begin recording educational video content for your audience and why it's not as scary as it sounds to 'give your knowledge away' to prospects and consumers.
  • How to get clear on your target market and run targeted advertisements to these 'micro-niches.' 
  • The best way to use new social media connections to do what Kevin refers to as the 'new age cold calling.'
  • Why it's worth the effort to navigate compliance departments and restrictions in order to branch out in your content marketing ad prospecting. 


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Kevin Nichols

Kevin Nichols, MBA

COO, The Oechsli Institute

Connect with Kevin:



Kevin Nichols is the Director of Coaching and Social Media at the Oechsli Institute and the author of The Indispensable LinkedIn Sales Guide for Financial Advisors. Kevin has an MBA in marketing, coaches advisors and teams on social media usage, writes The Social Media Advisor blog and a bi-weekly eNewsletter for He is also the creator of Social Media Prospecting Guide for advisors. In addition to writing for, he has been heavily published on social media marketing for advisors by additional publications such as InvestmentNews, Registered Rep., RIA Central, RIA Biz, and more.

Kevin is a much sought after speaker, trainer and performance coach. Along with his involvement at The Oechsli Institute’s highly-successful Rainmaker Retreats, some of Kevin’s recent social media exposure includes:

  • Presenter for Raymond James: Facebook & Twitter Best Practices for Advisors
  • Presenter for Cetera Financial Group: Social Selling Secrets of Financial Advisors
  • Presenter for ScotiaMcLeod: The Do’s and Dont’s of LinkedIn Branding & Getting Advanced with LinkedIn
  • Presenter for HighTower Advisors: 5 LinkedIn Best Practices for Advisors
  • Presenter for Wells Fargo Financial Network: LinkedIn Best Practices for Financial Advisors
  • Presenter for Northeast Planning Associates: Social Media Best Practices for Financial Advisors
  • Presenter for Merrill Lynch: Social Media 101 Prospecting for Financial Professionals
  • Presenter for McGladrey: LinkedIn Best Practices of Early Adopters
  • Presenter for The Hartford: Social Media Prospecting for Financial Professionals
  • Presenter for Fortigent Forum: Social Media Prospecting or Financial Professionals
  • Official trainer for Social Media certificate program
  • Keynote presenter at Access Advisor Group Symposium: Social Media Prospecting for Advisors
  • National speaker for Top Advisor Leadership Summit for NFP: Harnessing The Power of Social Networks

Kevin earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of California, Riverside and a Masters in Business Administration from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.