hot seat on client service routine

HOT SEAT ASK: Help! I don’t have a client service routine. How do I get one that’s right for my growing practice?

Episode: 036

Listeners of the Maximum Advisor podcast know that there’s no better place to learn how to grow a financial advisor practice than right here. In this episode, we have an advisor in the Hot Seat on Maximum Advisor presenting another challenging financial advisor problem— and a powerful solution delivered from host Chip Munn. Listen in as Chip provides his tried and true methods for taking a financial advisor business to new heights and how you can do the same with yours.

The Situation

A financial advisor who started his firm over a year ago is struggling with the servicing aspect of his business. He’s found a niche and a business model that works, but he’s uncertain how often clients need servicing once they’ve been onboarded. He’s fighting with a lack of servicing structure and a system that keeps existing clients happy and new ones coming in.

What solutions can Chip offer to develop an effective client service routine?

Chip offers his seasoned expertise in systematizing client service for efficiency and added value. He delivers specific advice from his BASIS Method—a roadmap he developed for advisors to build their practice into their ideal vision. Listen in as Chip dissects a typical client scenario and reveals the must-have client servicing components to keep the advisor’s practice running effectively and growing in this Hot Seat edition of Maximum Advisor.

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