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Episode: 039

In this episode of the Maximum Advisor podcast, host Chip Munn is joined by Amanda Berlin, a former corporate publicity strategist. She helps business owners tell their stories, write their copy, and spread their message in the media.

Chip discusses attracting ideal clients to a financial advisor practice with Amanda. The ideal client concept is a core part of Chip’s BASIS Method, a roadmap he developed for advisors to build their practice into their ideal vision. The two explore the benefits of being recognized as a producer of earned content on the internet and how it can reward your practice by attracting the ideal clients.

Developing valuable and relevant content, including the perfect pitch of who you are and what you do, helps facilitate new connections and relationships by being seen as an expert in the field. It also helps get your message out to reach the right potential clients.

Chip and Amanda highlight the importance of reaching an audience beyond your centers of influence with partnerships, collaboration, alliances, and media. This approach helps establish you as an expert in the field to build a quality niche. Chip discusses why it’s beneficial to build visibility-enhancing techniques into your daily routine.

Amanda delivers a plan to enhance your recognition by becoming a podcast contributor. First, she says, find three podcasts you think you could add value to as a guest. What community of podcast listeners can you contribute valuable content to? Second, come up with potential ways you can contribute to the podcast as a guest. What would you talk about? Finally, she says to approach the podcast host initially as an interested listener, build a relationship with the host, and then propose to be a contributor.

Be sure to visit Amanda Berlin’s website for helpful templates and ideas to be seen, heard, and known to grow your financial advisor practice.

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Amanda Berlin

Publicity Strategist
Content Consultant

Amanda Berlin is a publicity strategist with 12+ years corporate experience who partners with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-up to consult on content writing, media strategy, and publicity outreach.

- Creator of the publicity strategy and content writing products and programs that are part of
- Guide entrepreneurs to write their web content, tell their story, and spread their message in the media
- Offer systems and resources for writing web copy and strategic content to guide clients starting their own businesses in coaching, nutrition, style and wellness products
- Translate corporate tactics and philosophies in marketing, PR and publicity to educate entrepreneurs on marketing their businesses
- Guide clients to distill their personal and professional narrative to create compelling content online or for in-person networking interactions
- Empower clients to position themselves as thought leaders through valuable ongoing content generation and media placements