Adam Cmejla, CFP®

The Math of Finding a Niche Market and Building a Thriving Practice with Adam Cmejla

Episode: 041

Join host Chip Munn in this episode of the Maximum Advisor podcast as he sits down with Adam Cmejla, founder of Integrated Planning & Wealth Management

Chip and Adam discuss how to find, serve and spread your ideal client base. Adam works almost exclusively with optometrists that are within five years of selling their practice to a private equity firm. Talk about a niche!

Find out where Adam started (hint: it wasn’t working with optometrists) and how he discovered and took command of his client niche, from which he built his thriving practice into what it is today. 

Hear Chip and Adam cover setting up a practice for niche client growth. Adam says one way to get there is to “do the math” on your practice and what you want to achieve. He and Chip discuss a salient example of how client niche building can help an advisor build their ideal practice. 

Not only has the optometrist niche served Adam well, but he’s finding that clients and growth opportunities are now seeking him out. He’s gone from searching for clients to having new client opportunities come to him. Building your ideal practice by attracting the right clients is covered in-depth in the BASIS Method course, a roadmap Chip developed for advisors to grow their practice into their ideal vision. Adam is so connected to growing his practice via an ideal client that he even dedicated a client-facing web page covering just who his ideal client is. 

Adam and Chip cover the “equity” a client brings to the table. More than just dollars coming in, Adam spells out the benefits of bringing in non-dollar revenue like referrals and relationship building, leading to a solid niche market.

Chip and Adam talk about the considerable value of enlisting an advisor coach to point out the things that can’t be seen from “inside the jar.” The two also discuss how they bring in new clients through their content marketing endeavors and where their article ideas originate.  

Finally, Adam provides some sure-fire tips for getting started in niche building right away. 

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Adam Cmejla

Adam Cmejla, CFP®

Founder & President of Integrated Consulting & Advisory Solutions, LLC

Adam Cmejla is an experienced CFP® helping optometrists nationwide make smart and informed decisions with their money in their practice and in their lives. He is also the host of the "20/20 Money" podcast and named to's 100 Top Financial Advisors of 2019.

Married to optometry. Literally. As the husband of a practicing optometrist, Adam noticed a need for someone who knows the profession and business of optometry to provide unbiased, objective financial planning and investment advice. In addition, he helps practice owners understand the financials of their practice and use that data to help make informed and educated financial decisions.

Adam also helps ODs that are considering selling to private equity firms analyze their current financial plan, compare various offers and valuations to help them understand the tax implications, and determine if a PE exit is a viable solution for them personally and professionally.