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Attract Your Ideal Client Through Compelling Web Content Creation and More Financial Advising Blog Tips with Ashley Barnett

Episode: 035

In this episode of the Maximum Advisor podcast, host Chip Munn is joined by Ashley Barnett, an expert in website content creation and blog management. She and Chip discuss why publishing original web content is vital for a financial advisor to attract their ideal client and build their practice.

Chip and Ashley talk about the power of developing original content on the internet, even if the advisor has never published anything previously. They discuss ways to attract ideal clients by creating web content in blog posts, social media, search engine results, and videos.

Ashley says that a financial advisor needs their own voice in the community to attract your ideal client. Generic, off-the-shelf content just won’t bring in the ideal client. Prospects need to get to know you through your voice on the internet with tailored content that reaches out and connects with their financial needs. Not just any original content, she states, but content that is useful and focused.

Ashley’s dozen-plus years of content creation experience come to light as she and Chip talk through an impromptu blog writing scenario, starting with idea conception through publishing it on the web. They discuss what makes good content, how to structure a blog, and how a free web tool can get your content noticed.

Chip points out that content development doesn’t have to be complicated. Advisors can amplify their message with a few simple tools and techniques to develop useful and meaningful content that drives prospects to the advisor.

Finally, Ashley provides information about a process she recommends to become a published blogger wherever your writing talents are.

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ashley barnett content and blog coach

Ashley Barnett

Content and Blogging Coach at Hit Publish

Ashley Barnett is an expert in blog management and content creation. She works with sites like Money Under 30, PT Money, and Choose FI. Her course, Hit Publish, teaches new and intermediate bloggers how to produce the best content on the internet.

After running her own sites for several years, Ashley moved into content editing and blog management full time for large personal finance sites.

With the help of some wonderful mentors (and plenty of trial and error), she has learned how to produce and edit high-quality content that gets great results for her clients.