Designing, Building, and Managing Your Dream Practice Team with Tess Kristensen

Episode: 012

Team building, communication, and education are pillars of the conversation in this episode of Maximum Advisor, when host Chip Munn is joined by Tess Kristensen, a Learning and Development Consultant and faculty member at the Fox School of Business at Temple University. 

Tess spent over 20 years working for and within large financial services organizations, both in the form of Broker Dealers as well as RIAs. More recently, Tess has transitioned into running her own consulting firm, which helps organizations both in the for-profit and non-profit sectors to learn how to build quality training programs. An organizational team that is created, coordinated, and organized with intention can be the difference between astonishing success and frustrating failure.

Learn how to leverage the creation of educational opportunities and detail-oriented team design in your practice, along with additional important topics such as:

  • How do you know what skills to bring into your team, to ensure your organization is well rounded.
  • How to figure out where individual members of your team excel, what they like to do and how to tap into the power of their natural modus operandi to not only have an engaged team, but a business with a competitive edge. 
  • What specific tools and processes you should use to determine if the current members of your team are, in fact, the right people, and if so, are they are in the right seats?
  • Why behavioral questions are a critically important component to the interview process to separate adequate candidates from your next all-star team member. 


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Tess Kristensen,
M.B.A, M. Ed.

Learning and Development Consultant

Connect with Tess:


Tess Kristensen, M.B.A, M. Ed., is a management consultant who has 25 years’ experience in Strategic Planning and Learning and Development. She is an adjunct professor at Temple University’s Fox School of Business in Philadelphia, PA, where she teaches M.B.A. students working on their capstone courses which include real-life client consulting engagements. She has worked with a wide array of clients including but not limited to: the Wharton School, Hilliard Lyons, United Capital, Signature Wealth Group, Wolters-Kluwer, Tyler School of Art, Boyer School of Music, Philadelphia County Medical Society, the Fox School of Business, bSafe, and Eusoh. Additional clients include the Gift of Life Institute, Gift of Life Donor Program, LifeSource, and Nevada Donor Network. Tess also led large-scale educational initiatives at financial services firms including Janney Montgomery Scott, Raymond James and TD Ameritrade and is Series 6 and 7 licensed as well as being an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor.


Tess is actively involved in the community and is a Board Member at the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce (Philadelphia Chapter). She has served as a Board Member and Program Committee Chair at the Metropolitan Career Center, led the Volunteer Committee for the ADL’s Walk Against Hate in 2012, and served in various volunteer roles at the ACLU including leading the committee for the ACLU’s award-winning participation in the 2014 Pride Parade. She also thoroughly enjoys volunteering at Philly AIDS Thrift which is a non-profit thrift shop that distributes proceeds to local organizations involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS. She frequently volunteers for the University of Pennsylvania’s radio station WXPN and was recently invited to be a part of their Sound Check Advisory Committee. In her free time, you will find her listening to live music or swimming with whale sharks.