Continuing Education, and Financial Therapy with Josh Harris

Episode: 010


In this episode of Maximum Advisor, Chip is joined by Josh Harris, who is a Lecturer and the CFP® Program Coordinator at Clemson University to discuss his own unique path to his current career, the importance of continued education for financial professionals as well as the concept of 'Financial Therapy'.

Josh began his career working at the PNC Bank branch on the Clemson University campus, helping students learn about budgeting and managing their credit. Josh hosted workshops and webinars, after which he was approached by a Clemson faculty member about an opening to teach personal finance. After jumping at that opportunity, the University approached Josh just a few weeks later about coordinating the CFP program. Since taking over as Coordinator, the CFP program has grown from 25 students in 2016 to over 100, with a goal to graduate 35 students per year ready to lead in the finance industry.

Tune in as Chip and Josh discuss:

  • What is the most important way an advisor can develop themselves to better serve their clients?
  • Is the CFP® the most important kind of continuing education that an advisor can pursue?
  • How to not get lost in the 'alphabet soup' of FINRA certifications and pick the most impactful ones for you.
  • What is 'Financial Therapy' and why is this a field to watch?
  • How can continuing education benefit even the most experienced, successful advisors?


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Josh Harris, CFP®, AFC®

CFP® Program Coordinator
Clemson University 


Josh joined the Clemson faculty in January 2016, after a career in Financial Services and Planning with PNC Bank. Josh is a Certified Financial Planner (TM)and an Accredited Financial Counselor in good standing. He is a member of the National and South Carolina chapters of the Financial Planning Association, Financial Therapy Association & Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education. In addition to his professional associations, Josh sits on the United Way of Pickens County Financial Capability Committee, sits on the Board of Directors for the SC Financial Planners Association, and on the Board of Directors of the Financial Therapy Association.